0 (TT)#5 : Scaling images in Blogger posts

Hello all,
As a continuation to my previous TT4 post, we will today see the cool feature called IMAGE SCALING in blogger. For this am using a sample pic of my previous project.

The reason I think I am writing this post..!!
I strongly believe that photo/ image is the main medium which showcases our art/craft talent. So it is very important how good the image is. Image size is of course very important..!!
I have seen many blogs where the images are small in size..It needs special effort of clicking the image to view in its original size. Do you remember the line, "Please click on the image to see pics in original size" ;)

In the steps below, we will see about image upload and scaling in blogger posts.

Step 1:
Upload photos to your blog-post by clicking the image icon in the Post Editor's toolbar.

Step 2:
When you click this icon, you'll get a window that allows you to select an image or multiple images from your computer. Click the Choose files button to locate the ones you want. Alternatively, you can add an image you've previously used on your blog, an image from your Picasa Web Albums, or enter the URL of an image that's already online and insert it into your post.

Once the image is in your Post Editor, you can click on the image to format it in your post.

The left, center and right options determine how the text of your post flows around the pictures. The size options let you scale the pictures to different sizes within the posting area. 
Note that the picture will still be uploaded in its full size; this option just determines how it's scaled within the content of your post. You also have the option to add a caption to your image.

How cool is this scaling feature.!! Here lies the magic..!!
When we upload our pic to the blog spot, by default the size is 'Medium' :(
Below are the pics scaled to different size-options available is blogger.





Original Size

Hope it helps...!!
Reference -  Multi-media blogging : Post a picture

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