0 My Sweet Love - Boxed Accordion Card

Hello all,
Seasons greetings. Enjoying the month of love.? ;)
Am back after loooonnggg time to share this pretty pretty card.
Made for a friend on the occasion of Valentines day. She loved it.
Happy Happy Valentines day <3

Untie the ribbon to open the box.

Open the flap to reveal the accordion card inside.

 The accordion opens as shown in the pic below.

Other side of the accordion...

Panels inside to write messages and to attach pics.
Will be a perfect gift for ur loved one. :)
Project that is ver close to my heart. Do share your comments.

Sridevi MuraliKrishna

1 Happy birthday - a 3 fold card

Hello all, sharing a card which i made 6 months back. Long ago.! ;)
Worked with water colors for the first time.
It is customized with photos for a sweet husband n father.
He was super thrilled with this card..hurray..!! ;)

let us open the card..!! untie the ribbon...first fold...(top flap)

second fold...

third fold...

Would love to hear from you ..!!
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Sridevi MuraliKrishna

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Sridevi MuraliKrishna