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This is the place where i would like to bring together all the posts/tutorials that helped/inspired me.
Happy Crafting.. ;-p


Super easy handmade flower tut by Juhi - super-easy-layered-handmade-flower

How to make a rakhi - tut by Juhi - handmade-rakhi-tutorial

Tutorials and Basics by Tejal - tutorials-and-basics-tejal

Buying ur first distress inks by Tejal - buying-your-first-distress-inks 

Introduction to Stamping by Juhi - Introduction-to-stamping-and-challenge

 Crafting tool for Beginners - My favorite Crafting tool for Beginners - By Tejal


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Back to Top button for blogger - mybloggertips.com-attractive-smooth-scrolling-back-to-top

How to remove Subscribe to posts (ATOM) - bloggeruniversity-remove-subscribe-to-posts-atom

How to remove NavBar in Blogger - remove-blogger-navbar-for-professional


How to make rounded edges on your photos - thepioneerwoman-rounded-edges-on-your-photos

P.S: Share this page with your crafting/blogging friends if you find it useful..Thanks..

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