0 How It all Started..!! ;-p

Lemme tell you how it all started..!!

I got fascinated with the hand-made colorful papers available in the super market, used 2 buy them for no reason..One fine day i thought i shud do smthng with these papers. Then I googled for some thing which would b easy and useful. I stumbled upon some beautiful hand-made book marks. So..with that idea i started on with some bookmarks.

And about the blog.. I always wanted 2 have a blog..!! (I love designing !!)
But could not spare time for dat..!! As ICR wanted a blog(for registration) where i can showcase my experiments..i wanted 2 start off with a blog..!! Am not sure how frequent i'll craft to update this blog..!! :(

How do u like my blog design...??!!(i wanted it to be simple with white bckgrnd..!!) .

If needed, I can help you in designing ur blog (i mean some tweaking into html/css ...!!!)

Sridevi MuraliKrishna

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